What Your S*x Dreams Mean & Why You Have Them


sleepingBy Staff Blogger

Everyone has s*x dreams every now and then. We may not be able to remember them, but when we do, we don’t understand why we have them and are often embarrassed by them because they are not about our partners that we are already committed to. Here are six common s*x dreams (which are completely normal).

1. Same-sex dream: This is actually a pretty common type of s*x dream. Women dream about other women, not because they have repressed same gender s*xual urges but because of the closeness that they often feel with their female friends as opposed to their male friends.

2. The one who got away: Dreaming about an ex does not mean that you are still in love with them. It could mean that you are still trying to process through handfuls of emotions and images from life or it could mean that something in your current life has triggered emotions from the past. Watch out for this second one. Don’t take it to mean that you need to get in touch with the guy you have just had a dream about.

3. The one you are not attracted to in real life: A passionate dream about someone that you cannot stand in real life could just be anger manifesting itself in the opposite way.

4. The one who is married to your friend: Having dreams about your best friend’s husband? Don’t worry, it could just be a little bit of curiosity but more likely than not it is the fact that an affair with your friend’s husband is taboo and exciting. It could also mean you are in a s*x rut in your own life and should try to spice things up a bit.

5. It’s your husband, but he looks different: If you have a dream about your husband but he looks different or sounds different, it could mean that you need some more mystery in your relationship.

6. The mystery man: You don’t know who he is, but you know that he has swept you off of your dreamy feet. This could mean you have a longing for an emotional connection that is a fantasy and sweeps you off your feet.



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