Which Is Worse: A Greasy Doughnut or Skipping Breakfast?


DoughnutsBy Staff Blogger

There are times when you go through the day and you have to make nutritional choices based on your situation for the day. How do you make the right choice? Here are nine common scenarios:

1. Which is better; skipping breakfast or having a doughnut? If a doughnut is all that you have available at the moment, it is better to eat the doughnut than to starve your body all together.

2. Which is better; keeping your contacts in while you sleep at a hook up’s house or storing them in a cup of water? Keep them in. There are parasites and bacteria in the water that could end up growing on the contacts so it is better to keep them in your eyes.

3. Which is better; an extremely quick teeth brushing or a quick mouthwash rinse? Brushing is always better. You will get rid of more plaque and germs this way.

4. Which is better; continually hitting the snooze button or dragging your zombie bu+t out of bed? Get up and stretch. Those few extra minutes are not going to do you any good and you will not feel more rested.

5. Which is better; dirty towels or dirty sheets? You only have enough quarters for one. Toss in the towels as they harbor more fungus and germs than your sheets.

6. Which is better; missing a workout and not making it up or pushing extra hard at the gym next time? Your body needs a rest every now and then. Pushing yourself could just lead to injury.

7. Which is better; not eating veggies or soaking them in cheese and butter? Eat up, but try some goat cheese instead of greasy cheddar.

8. Which is better; being lazy about washing your hands or abusing the Purel sanitizer? In general, soap is soap and if you are washing your hands you are getting some form of soap on them. Hand sanitizer is the next best thing to a really good wash.


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