Why Are The Worst Binge Drinkers Women Over 26 Years Of Age?



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If someone asked you what binge drinking is, you would say excessive amounts of alcohol at one time right? New guidelines that are put out by the US Department of Health and Human Services are suggesting women who have three to four drinks in one sitting is now considered binge drinking. Their guidelines also suggest that women who have one drink a day are considered moderate drinkers.

Usually people think that nights of heavy drinking are reserved mostly for college kids, but a study by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention shows that 70% of binge drinking is done by people ages 26 and older. Included in this number are those people who only have three to four drinks per sitting. This sounds shocking to learn that you may be a binge drinker even when you are just going to blow some steam off after work or on a girl’s night out!

The guidelines for men and women are different due to their body chemistry. Women’s stomachs do not produce as much of the enzyme that breaks down the alcohol as men do, so it reaches the bloodstream faster in women. Women also typically weight less than men so the alcohol reaches the liver faster.

Not every woman that binge drinks will develop a drinking problem, but some do. Some of the other health risks of binge drinking are nasty hangovers, alcohol poisoning, and risky behavior. There is also research that has linked alcohol with certain types of breast cancer, heart disease, and brain damage.

Even with all of these scary facts, most women still go over the seven drink per week guideline and seem to be just fine. It is all about knowing when to say when and stop drinking. That fourth drink is not going to give you cancer but over time you could develop health risks, so when you go out, be mindful of how much you drink.


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  1. I have an older sister that is a Binge drinker,alcoholic whatever you wanna call her. I’m worried because she is now blacking out. There is no reasoning with her because she is in denial, it’s really sad to see a person drink themselves to death but that’s what they do. I enjoy alcohol too, but the older I get I drink it in moderation. A few people in my family have had their ups and downs with alcohol, but the good news is they have moved on to letting go of that dependency on alcohol, except for my sister. I don’t know why she is so unhappy or what she is trying to avoid but it’s going to take professional help, which she is no where near.

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