Why Men May Be Threatened By a Woman Who Earns More


By: Serena Crawford

As more women step in to the workforce and earn respectable salaries their men are feeling vulnerable. It has been a societal norm for sometime that the man should earn more than the woman and provide for the family. Women have been pushing themselves to become successful and it is causing that societal norm to become invalidated. The problem is that men begin to feel as if they are not a productive member of the family anymore if they are not the ones who are supporting the family financially. It has been shown that couples where the woman earns more have a 50% higher chance of getting a divorce.

There are many husbands who support their wives when they go out to get great careers and start to earn more money. They will pick up some of the things that she used to do at home like making supper and household chores. Unfortunately not all husbands will do this which leads to the woman being extremely stressed out. This is one of the causes of the divorce rate spiking. Some men have trouble with the role reversal. They feel that they are being emasculated because they are not the ones that are bringing home the most money. It is a hard transition for many.

In 2010 Cornell University conducted a study on couples who were ages 18-28 and had lived together for at least a year. They found that the men that did not bring in money and dependent on their significant other to provide for the household were five times more likely to cheat on their partners than men who still worked and brought money in as well.

Many women who have gone on to higher education and receive a degree still do not work. This can be due to circumstances at home that don’t allow them to work but sometimes it is because the woman is afraid. She is scared that if she goes into her profession and makes more money than her partner it will affect the relationship in a negative way. That fear keeps many professional and smart women out of the workforce or in a position that is below what they could be doing.



  1. I sometime wonder where these statistics come from.
    For most of my life both men and women have worked at whatever they were able to get and they just bought whatever they could and stayed together or separated because of other reasons.
    Because of the bible it has been the thought of most couples that the man was the head of the household and he was responsible for the protection of the family. I am not sure that it was a matter of finance as much as position.
    Since women have gained the ability to work, some women have taken the view that the man should provide the finances and if they could not they have failed in their duties. I have on occasions heard women say that no man would live off of them.
    At the same time there is no stigma for a woman to live off of a man and not contribute any finances!
    On occasions I have witnessed women gain academic success and find that their companion was no longer socially acceptable to them and they have sought a divorce.
    I believe these statistics are not valid and not inclusive of all of the social groups. If the statistics stated that they were all of some social level they would still be doubtful, because of the current financial problems which Blacks face today.

  2. Nikki from The Bronx on

    Nikki from The Bronx writes:
    That’s why a couple should go to pre-marital counseling for a considerable amount of time to address any and all things especially if neither one of them has never/ever lived with the opposite sex (that’s always a good thing). There are a number of issues that need to be addressed before the couple walks down the aisle. There are so many good therapists, mentors or church ministers that it’s almost a concern or a problem if the couple does not seek professional help before tying the knot. Couples need to discuss the following, i.e., children (how many) whether they both agree on parenting styles, or if the wife cannot conceive, is adoption a concern (surrogacy); household chores; budgeting; and if one or both plan on working once married. Of course, it’s a little different if the couple has been married before. With that being said, a second or third time around, there are more issues at hand, i.e., raising and blending families; custody issues/time/vacation; child support, etc. These are all viable issues within a marriage that a couple needs to address.
    Peace Out!

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  4. It depends on the male.If he is secure in who he is as a man there should be no problem . If she earns more then they as a couple have more. He is still her husband at the end of the day no matter how much or how little he earns.

  5. I’m not threatened by a woman who earns more money than me. I’m impressed and it’s not about the money it’s how you treat the woman or man in your life. The way the global economy is going it could clasp and everyone would lose everything and then you’ll see how someone really feels about you.

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