Why Middle Age People Are K!lling Themselves More in The Last Decade


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Suicide not only destroys the life of the one who is taking it, but it also devastates the lives of their families and friends as well. Taking your own life should never be the answer to any problem, yet the suicide rate for middle aged people has jumped in recent years.

In the age group of 34-65, the rate of suicide has jumped significantly in the last decade. From 1999 to 2010 it jumped 28%. This is just for the age group. For white people, the numbers shot up 40%. This data was all taken during the recession. People were becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of work and lack of money. Jobs were scarce and providing for the family became harder and harder.

The recession took a very large emotional toll on those just trying to live a normal life. Many were laid off from their jobs because of cut backs or budget cuts. Many couldn’t find jobs once they didn’t have one anymore. The unemployment rate was the highest it had been in a long time. This would certainly cause some to lose hope, but sadly, it also caused them to think that things were not going to get better and suicide would be the only way out.

Unfortunately, those who are having these feelings often times do not get a chance to express them, or do not want to burden those around them. Most cannot afford a trip to a psychiatrist, especially if they do not have insurance. It is a vicious circle when it comes to money and mental health. People do not get the mental health care that they need because they cannot afford it and in turn they have nowhere to go to talk things over.



  1. There is hope even in your crisis situation. His name is JESUS.
    According to psalm 27:10. When your father And mother forsake you, I will be there. People dont have the answer to our problems. Just turn And talk to Jesus He will make everything alright.
    Minister Elvira

  2. Princess P. on

    Read the bible. We are living in the last days of this world. The bible states that during this time people would “faint out of fear”. The governments are collapsing. People are feeling no hope. They are losing their homes, fearful of unemployment and unsure of how to care for their families. They are desperate and suicide for many is the answer. The President needs to wake up and realize that the problems of the world cannot be save by man. Only God can rectify these problems. And soon he will.

  3. it is very hard to tell why someone who took his own life did so, since he was not talking about it.because even some happy and healthy are among those people.no one came back to give a testimony?

  4. Barry Burch Jr on

    I hate to state the obvious, but blacks know more about hardship and financial struggle than any other race in the country, so the fact that suicides amongst whites has escalated in considerably greater proportions than blacks in these trying economic times makes sense. In the case of blacks, you can’t miss what you never had and for most of us that’s wealth. We know how to “get by,” but this is a concept that many whites are just now having to become accustomed to.

  5. This is a very good article and being someone who is the predicament of being middle age,out of work,limited financial resources and someone who has had to return home to live with my family.There are times when I just want to give up and throw in the towel because it just seems as if I can’t regain my footing.As the article mentions suicide takes a serious emotional toll on your family so this is one of the reasons why I have decided against it.I also have a very strong and resolute faith in God so this is what keeps me grounded and allows me to stay strong.Although this was a good article I would have loved to have seen solutions provided and some resources given that those who are in this type of situation can utilize.

  6. The rate of suicide among non-blacks has always been high…

    We need for that number to get even HIGHER…

    The only Blacks who commit suicide are the one’s who act like, think like, and in believe 100% in the PERVERTED CATHOLIC and his religion…these includes all who wants to be like them…

  7. These times are like the previous Great Depression when White people were jumping out of windows and committing suicide. Black people didn’t have anything to commit suicide over.

    For those Blacks who have lost what little you did have during this current recession, stay strong and stay close to family and relatives. Try not to get depressed and feel hopeless. If you do, free mental health services are available; seek them out.

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