Why This “Insecure” Star is Still a Virgin at 33


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

HBO’s original drama and comedy series Insecure is starting to take off as television success on the strength of the legions of black women who tune in every Sunday evening to get their fix of eccentric vanity courtesy of Issa Rae, the show’s leading star and co-creator.

Yvonne Orji  (pictured) is another Insecure co-star who plays Rae’s best friend Molly on the show. Orji, 33, is a Nigerian-born graduate of George Washington University where she earned a Master’s Degree in Public Health.

Her well-educated immigrant parents were hoping she would study further and become a doctor. Orji definitely had the intellectual ability to pursue such a feat. However, she followed her dreams of wanting to be in the entertainment business.

Orji has obviously achieved her goal by playing a supporting actress role on one of HBO’s top-rated television shows. Her character is a successful corporate lawyer who is a single, financially well-off, and $exually insatiable pleasure-seeker that does what she wants.

However, Orji’s persona in real life is a far cry from the Molly character she plays on camera. A devout Christian, Orji has sworn off having $exual relations until she is married, which is what true Christians are supposed to do, according to the Bible.

In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, Orji talked candidly about her personal life and upbringing, as well the vow of chastity she has upheld. “I’m open, because why not? I’m grounded in who I am,” Orji told People Magazine.

“Before any of [the fame]happened, I sat down with myself and with God and thought, when I make it, how do you want me to represent you while I’m here? – It was like, OK, I know why I’m here. It’s to make you proud,” she continued.

Orji also said she feels comfortable with explaining her virginity to anyone who has heard about her claim that is willing to ask about it.

“People ask about it because they’re curious, or they may not understand. How will they ever get understand if I don’t talk about it? I can inform your curiosity, as opposed to everyone being in the dark and just sort of creating their own narrative about it,” Orji added.

You can catch Orji playing Molly on Insecure on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. EST exclusively on HBO.

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