Why Today’s Women Leave Their Husbands For a Different Reason Than Their Mothers Did


By: Krystle Crossman

According to a new study done by Co-operative Legal Services which is based in the UK, infidelity is not as common a reason for divorce as it once was. The research took over 5 million divorced couples in the UK from the 1970s all the way through today. Through those years, infidelity has gone down on the list of reasons why people got divorced. In fact, in the more recent divorces, couples were half as likely to write that down as their answer as opposed to the divorces in the earlier years.

In the 1970s, 29% of marriages were ended because of cheating. That number today is only 15%. The more common reason for a split these days is “unreasonable behavior”. That reason is given 47% of the time in the recent years as opposed to 28% in the earlier years.

What is unreasonable behavior? It can range from a husband who has a s*x-change, a cross-dressing husband, a spouse making the other feeling guilty for going out because they are not sociable, or a spouse taking all of the money from the family savings. The broad range of the phrase unreasonable behavior is most likely the reason that it is so prevalent on divorce papers. It has so many different meanings and can be used for a variety of divorces.

Another study that was performed by Kansas State University researchers found that the couples that argue about money the most are at a higher risk for divorce. Another study was conducted in August of 2013 and it found that parents were more likely to get a divorce after their kids were back in school after summer break.


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    well since the Lesbian Population is increasing rather rapidly these days, that very well has a lot to do with it since much more women are choosing to be with another woman today. and since many men are very abusive, that certainly would do it as well.

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