Why You Must Get Tested for These $exually Transmitted Diseases


blood testBy: Krystle Crossman

When you have an active s*x life you should be getting tested for STDs. There are different opinions as to what tests you should have and when you should have them, but it really depends on you.

If you are s*xually active in any way, the CDC states that you should be getting tested at least for HIV, especially if you are pregnant and s*xually active. There are different kinds of STD test that are actually done through urine tests. Through a simple urine test you can be tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia.

If you are under the age of 24 and are s*xually active there are many different rules that apply. A survey from the CDC in 2006 showed that young people ages 15-24 made up just a quarter of the s*xually active population however they are responsible for over half of the new STD cases that are diagnosed. If you are under 24 it is recommended that you get tested at least once a year for STDs such as:

– Chlamydia
– Gonorrhea
– Syphilis

How often you get tested also depends on how active that part of your life is. If you remain with one person then you can get checked out once per year or so. However if you have a very active s*x life with different partners getting tested every few months wouldn’t be such a terrible idea. Men who sleep with women do not have to worry about getting tested quite as often because usually any STD they may contract will have symptoms. Men who sleep with men should get at least one HIV test per year. Doctors recommend that women get a pap smear at least once a year just in case anything is going on that may not have symptoms appearing.



  1. A young lady in my family died at the age of 24, and leaving five children under the age of 10 behind….from cervical cancer….most likely caused by the HPV virus, and a myriad of sexual partners at an extremely early age.

    For that reason, I urge all young ladies who are sexually active to get the HPV vaccine.

    • Hi Cindie…

      Exellent article… when I read it I thought about my children, their ages, what I have taught them, and how we’ve made it pass that hump and most of all trusting God that what I taught them will stand.
      I thank God my children are not out of control.. Obedience is better then sacrifice and it paid off.

  2. Great article. I am very much an advocate of testing. The statistical data is great …BUT I feel it is taking on a bit much for this blog author to state that men need to be tested less often because symptoms will be evident more quickly. Syphilis has been known to lay dormant tor years. The safer approach would be to be tested atleast once a year regardless of symptoms. As a rule, testing and the continued use of condoms is the key when you engage in causal sex. Get tested. Stay aware. Use condoms. Remain celibate if not in a monogamous relationship. Be Continuously Blessed.

    • While I do agree with this article, why is it we just refuse to get the BIG PICTURE? (STOP HAVING SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE), its a law of the spirit of our God.. If we stop breaking God’s laws for our lives our black community will have a 90 degree turn around, but all we do is condone and make excuses and continue the road to sin and complain & bytch when shyt don’t turn out right…plezzzz

  3. Dianna with all due respect, I understand what you are saying,but what do the people do that are not blessed with marriage,should they never experience sex ,i’m just curious what you think. thank’s.

    • Bless You Bubbles…
      You know what? its such a blessing how you respect me enough to ask me what do, because many would just post some stupid a$$ remark, but blessed is the man who have ears to hear and eyes to see…wink!
      First off I never speak on something I know nothing about, I had to be taught by God him-self.
      I had my wild times because I was ignorant unlearned and I didn’t know any better, didn’t have a relationship with God at all.. got married at 18 yrs old had my babies, got divorced and said I was gonna live it up.. then God stepped in threw a monkey wrench in my shyt, set my a$$ down and taught me about having S*X outside of marriage..
      Girlfriend if I had the chance to do this thing all over again I would have waited on God from the start…
      Bubbles if you really knew what the (Spirit of L*st) really looks like threw the eyes of God you’d run for your life everytime some man would try to come near you or touch you..
      T.D. Jakes said it even better then I can say it in his book called: The Lady Her Lover and Her Lord / and Women Thou Art Loosed… **He said women (Be-careful who you allow to PLUG-IN to you).

      Bubbles before I go any farther let me let you know that I don’t do RELIGION at all… I only minister and move by the spirit when I’m asked anything, I believe in keeping it real especially when it comes to my sisters because we are so lost, and our brothers are taking advantage of our ignorance to know better and know the truth concerning God’s business with his hand-maidens.

      Bubbles I can’t lie to you, I can’t sugar-coat the truth, because I’LL be held responsible / in-contempt by God if I tell you anything less then what is right.
      ***DON’T HAVE S*XUAL INTERCOURSE WITH NO MAN*** wait on God to send you your husband, TRUST GOD ONLY… The man that God has AlREADY chosen to be your husband has to remain CELIBATE too. Your God doesn’t bless you with anything less then you are, and baby you can take that to the bank and cash in on it and it won’t cost you one dime. S*x outside of marriage is nasty because you have entered into the laws of sin… and there are consequences to be paid. Bubbles its deeper then what you will ever understand unless God has already revealed it to you. I’m not here to scare you, but the spirit of lust is a hiddeous foul looking demonic-spirit, and this is the reason why there are so many sexual transmitted disease out of hand now.
      People talk a lot of bullshyt /advise and can’t even see the BIG PICTURE of what’s really going on deep behind the scenes because they don’t wanna change and do it the correct way which is God’s way period.
      When I stopped having s*x outside of marriage many of my issues went out the door and never came back.. Most women don’t understand that their natural juices are apart of their anointing and their creation / virtue. When we let men touch our virtue and they haven’t wife’d us in the sight of our God, they actually robb us / bottom-line, and I don’t care if those bastards are using a condom, SAY HELL NO!!! God is yo man until God sends the man who is for you…
      Bubbles I’ve been Celibate for 10 yrs because God openned my eyes to many things. I’m spoiled by God, when your not having s*x and God has cleaned out your temple you will not crave it.
      Everytime you open up your leggs to a man, especially our black brothers these days, your taking a chance of catching some type of STD or something more serious, vis versa a man in-waiting for his wife…
      Sin is Sin period. Now I know that you weren’t asking for this much information, but I’m pleading with you don’t give-it up no more / trust God and ask him for what you really want…
      People who are Celibate are very very spiritually STRONG people / powerful and virtuous too…wink!! trust me on that, but if you never try it you will never know it…

    • Bubbles I’m not going to tell you don’t get a vibrator, I’m just going to tell you to ask God, because somethings we do can cause us to cross the lines and will open up other doorways that are not pleasing to God. I speak from experience and everybody is not ready for Dianna to go deep…

  4. Personally, I think it’s best to wait until you’re married to have sex. MUCH safer to say the least and you know the man (or woman) in your life is committed to YOU and your health and well being as well as that of any children that might result from the relationship. I’m not going to get all moral on here and tell people they shouldn’t engage in other types of relationships, because I’m not into getting in their business … but this is what I think would be best for anything I’m involved in. Get tested though, regardless. Even if only with one partner.

  5. Good info but truly incomplete. You didn’t mention two of the most common STDs HPV or HSV Herpes. AND just because you are with one person doesn’t mean you are safe..if that person is or has multiple partners you are at risk. Its no wonder ppl under 25 are gettingSTDs the information they’re getting is incomplete…. really wish people would tell the WHOLE story about sexual health. Smh

  6. For the chaste ladies get yourselves a deluxe model vibrator. Nothing wrong with a woman holding out till marriage. And nothing at all wrong with a woman pleasuring herself.

  7. Master action with a foreign object is not what a man or a woman was designed to do common sense dictates using wisdom and knowledge when casually engaging not vibrating and dislodging sounds too unnatural…..

    • Charlie Petty…

      OMG!!! very! very! very well put!!! I couldn’t have said it any better… and I hope Bubbles reads this post because foreign objects are really a NO! NO!… and because it activates the filthy-spirit of lu$t which causes you to cross-over into demonically unclean barriers aka: $ex with demonic spirits… and it also falls under pornographic-sins… its just way pass time for all of us to awaken period and stop making and excepting excuse for situations in our-lives we know is wrong aka: An-easy-way-around-SIN… there is no way around SIN except to NOT-INDULGE with breaking the LAWS period.

  8. Loretta Toombs on

    @ Dianna how do u try to minister to someone and curse in the same sentence. Please help me with this ijs..

    • Cause I am me and most times that’s all real foolish clueless people can really hear… You listened didn’t you!! (No disrespect intended)
      Its not always about the words being use, but its about getting the message across, and these days we’re dealing with some real lively fools in these forum rooms and that’s all they understand, and I don’t speak for the 4-wall churches in our black communities, and I don’t believe in sugar-coating BS, that’s why black is to the CURB period… Keeping it real and not religious…

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