Woman Gives Birth To Twins But Each Twin Has A Different Dad


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When a woman gives birth to twins, normally the father is the same for both babies. This was not the case however for Texas native Mia Washington. She never thought that she would be having a child, let alone twins, but then when they came out, her boyfriend noticed something. Even though they were fraternal twins who were born seven minutes apart, they looking absolutely nothing alike.

A DNA test was performed and that is when Washington’s boyfriend, James Harrison, found out that one of the babies was not his.

This seems like something right out of a Grey’s Anatomy episode. It is something that is rare but does actually happen. Every month, a woman releases an egg that is looking to be fertilized. Sometimes two eggs are released at one time. When they are both fertilized, twins (fraternal) are conceived. Sp*rm can live in the uterus for up to five days. In those five days if a woman has s*x with more than one man, it is possible that both eggs will be fertilized by different sp*rm. This is what happened to Washington. She slept with her 44 year old boyfriend, Harrison, and then a few days later slept with another man. Both eggs were fertilized and then came the twins.

Harrison was absolutely devastated when he heard the news that he was not the father of one of the babies. Despite his hurt feelings however he has raised the baby, James, as his own. Studies have found that 1-2% of fraternal twins born in the US are from different fathers. It is called heteropaternal superfecundation. The first report of this happening was in 1810.

Harrison and Washington plan on marrying in the future. Washington is currently pregnant with a baby girl.



  1. Obviously James is a very kind n good man to not only forgive her for cheating on him, but to raise boy as his own and now to marry her! She’s very fortunate to have such a good man!

  2. Felician Mapunda. on

    Congratulation to James. He is a good Man and very Kind. It hurts a lot if such situation happens to any one of us. I once had the same story but it ended for the killings of the whole familiy. We need more people with the same heart like James. May Our Lord brings his Family more happy life. Amen

  3. This is so ridiculous…I can’t. They’re “planning” to get married in the near future and she’s already pregnant again? Smh.