Woman Says Bad Implants Ruined Her Already Low Self Esteem


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

All Renee Talley wanted was a rounder and perkier backside. Instead what she got was a botched plastic surgery and a lifetime’s worth of embarrassment. Her video on YouTube went viral. It shows the botched backside surgery that she went through and how she could flip the now hard implants upside down inside of her body. This is most certainly not supposed to happen.

Talley started with silicone injections in 2010. She quickly found that these were not for her. She began to feel fatigued and was in quite a bit of pain. After finally seeing a doctor she found out that the silicone had moved into her body and was attacking her other organs. She developed an autoimmune disease because of this. They told her that the silicone should come out but it would cause deformities on her backside. She was vain at the time and didn’t realize that her next choices would be so horrible. The saline was removed and even though the doctors advised that she not get surgery again for at least another six months. She didn’t want to wait that long for implants and found a surgeon to put them in.

After a short while the implants became hard and turned into discs. It was painful and did not look at all like she had wanted. Finally realizing that she needed some serious help, she sought out Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow. They are two of the doctors that are featured on the E! show, Botched. They agreed to help her by taking out the implants. Once the implants were out her skin sagged and looked deformed. They said that this could be repaired with a lift but they were not willing to do that. She had been diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) which requires psychological treatment. Talley admitted that she did this to herself and put a warning out to others that implants were not worth it and could be deadly if you are not careful.



  1. This is so sad. So many women are being butchered all in the name of “vanity.” Lift this, inject that, cut this, tighten that………where will it all end?

  2. Kenneth Nnamdi Gibson on

    So very sad. really. what’s the point lifting that or the other? Why go where you are tolerated? Help yourself come out of the low self esteem. Yes! If God said you are with wonderfully made, why not see things from the perspective of your other than from other people’s… Go where you are celebrated. If you are amidst individuals who tolerate you, then know you today that you are in the wrong company

  3. She should have received psychological treatment to address her “low self esteem.”Fix the mind and don’t bother with the behind.” If a woman can only attract a man based on the size of her rear and/or chest…something is really wrong!!! A woman doesn’t have to believe she is “fine” in order to feel good about herself. Don’t mess with the Lord’s art work!!! And that’s the truth…RUTH!

  4. I can’t say that I feel sorry for her, but maybe people will learn to be satisfied with whatever they have. My posterior is huge. I often get comments and stares. Doesn’t matter. Life is good.

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