Woman Says Husband’s Tragic Death Propelled Her To Start $3 Million Company


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Srmagonline.com

An African-born woman who is now based in the U.S. state of California could have easily used a tragic situation she experienced in her life to drown in misery and declare herself hopeless.

However, Constance Moonzwe (pictured) rose against all the odds that are usually stacked against a single black mother in America. Moozwe’s existence as a single mother was not chosen or the result of a cliché romantic relationship gone bad.

In 2014, Moozwe’s beloved husband passed away due to an untimely circumstance of tragedy. To make the ill-fated and unfortunate situation worse, Moozwe had just given birth to her and her husband’s seven-month old baby prior to his death.

Frightened, bewildered, and in deep emotional pain, Moozwe choose to triumphantly rise above her grim reality by keeping herself busy and fulfilling the dreams that her late husband would have been proud of.

The Zambia-bred mother and aspiring businesswoman began spending her time in the months after her husband’s death building a  healthcare and information technology staffing company called ITH Staffing.

Today, ITH Staffing is flourishing in the posh California city of Rancho Cucamonga with a reported worth of $3 million dollars. The success of Moozwe’s company is not a fairy tale story. She endured more than the death of a spouse prior to starting ITH Staffing.

“My path has not been easy, but I have been blessed with a fighting spirit from a very young age. I grew up a sickly child and was placed under a medically induced coma at the age of 17,” Moozwe stated, according to Srmagonline.com.

“Once finally released from the hospital, I was unable to walk or speak. The doctors gave my parents a grim diagnosis that I would not live a normal life, and I definitely would not graduate from high school,” she continued.

In addition to excelling as an empowered businesswoman in the for-profit sector, Moozwe’s organization has spawned the creation of a non-profit charitable organization, which serves impoverished children in the African nation of Zambia, her native country.

Find out more information about the gracious Moozwe’s and her amazing story of success here.

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