Women Less Likely To Have [email protected] in “hook-up”; Some Women Just NEVER have [email protected]


Couple at bar.By: Krystle Crossman

A recent study performed by The Kinsey Institute for Research on S*x, Gender, and Reproduction of Indiana University shows that women are less likely to have an [email protected] when they are having a one night stand. They also said however that people need to remember, some women just don’t have [email protected] at all.

The basis of the study was to find out different aspects of s*xual satisfaction. [email protected] were just one component of this and not the complete deciding factor as to whether someone had been satisfied with the experience or not. Previous studies have shown that one third of women never or very rarely have an [email protected] from interc0urse yet they still find that they are completely satisfied with s*x. This is because the feeling of interc0urse makes them feel close and connected with their partner.

[email protected] isn’t just about how the s*x itself is, but the physical and mental health of both partners as well. If a woman is depressed or in a bad mood, she is much less likely to cl!max. Intimacy and trust issues are also big hindrances. The first time with a new partner may cause some anxiety for a woman and so she will not be able to cl!max as women need to be in a more relaxed state than men do.

There is also the issue of alcohol. Usually (but most certainly not always) a hook up is initiated at a bar where the partners have been drinking. Alcohol may make you think you want to have s*x but will not do anything for your body. Alcohol can be a huge factor in why women and sometimes even men cannot cl!max during s*x.



  1. The article failed to mention, what types of anxiety. If some women do not have organisms, is that an indicator of an inability to connect on a deeper emotional and physical level with their partner. Moreover, does an inability to organism connote a deep-seeded desire to not fully engage with the act of intercourse?

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