Would You Give Up Meat to Look This Good at 78?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Jim Morris may make you think about your diet and whether you ever want to touch meat again. Morris is 78 years old and is also the oldest pinup of animal rights group PETA. Jim is a lifelong body builder and he is also a vegan.

After he retired from professional bodybuilding in 1985, Morris decided to be a vegetarian. He then took the next step and went vegan. At the age of 77 he became the poster icon for PETA’s “Muscle your way to better health” campaign and posed for an advertisement as “The Thinker”. He and PETA are trying to convey the message that going vegan can help you to live healthier by reducing your risk of cancer, strokes, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Morris tells readers that animal proteins are full of fats and that while he was bodybuilding and eating meat he felt bloated all of the time and had a lot of digestive problems. As soon as he cut the meat and other animal products such as milk out of his diet he couldn’t believe how great he felt. He said that humans are one of the only species that still drinks milk even after we are weaned off of it when we are babies.

PETA says that not only can people help their own personal health by getting rid of animal products from their diet, but they can also help the animals and the environment. Animals are treated poorly and suffer through horrible conditions while at factories awaiting their fate. The environment suffers as so much energy and fuel is used to process these different foods that we consume every day.



  1. I’ve been working on becoming vegan for other reasons besides looking ,being healthy. Hearing all the scary things in meat is another reason

  2. Hum… Now ain’t nothing wrong with a hyped up good looking healthy body, but have you ever investigated what happens to the s*xual organs…. YUKI!!! everything comes with a price.

    • Nothing, as long as you’re not taking steroids! He is more healthy than most people and probably has a great sex life!

      • @Ron… Thank you for that information and I totally agree with eating healthy and no meat at all, but the seemingly overrated weight-lifting scares me because of all the male and female pics I’ve seen. So its the steroids that cause all that ugliness. Wow!

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