Wow: How Jeanette Lost over 240 Pounds the Old Fashioned Way


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Janette Colantonio used to weigh 412 pounds. She is now down an amazing 243 pounds. How did she do it? Did she crash diet? No. Did she have weight loss surgery? No. She did it the natural way…hard work, healthy eating, and exercise.

Janette tells her story of how she was pulled over by a police officer one day in 2011 and was given a ticket because she wasn’t buckled up. She couldn’t fit her seatbelt around her to obey the law. She said she stepped on the scale and when she saw that she was 412 pounds she decided that she’d had enough. She began counting calories and exercising. She was determined to get healthy. Her current diet is around 1400-1500 calories per day which is mostly made up of lean meats, veggies, and some fruits and nuts. Her current weight 2 years later is 169 pounds.

During a normal day Janette says that she will eat lean meats such as turkey and fish. She keeps a close eye on her sodium intake and on her sugar as well. She makes sure that she doesn’t cut carbs out of her diet but is very careful with them and has them in moderation. She tries to eat any carbs that she does have before 2pm. She started drinking water and now drinks around a gallon a day.

For exercise she would work out five or six days per week and spend two to three hours per day. She did a bunch of different exercises. She would go to Zumba classes, joined a gym and did weight training, and used the elliptical machine. Now she has cut back a bit on the amount that she exercises and instead focuses on shorter sessions but at a higher intensity.

Let’s congratulate Janette for all of her success and take her story as inspiration for those out there who may be struggling and who may think that it is impossible for them to be healthy.



  1. It is truly wonderful to learn there are people in this world that don’t require circus like attention in order to love themselves back to health!
    Janette is a true inspiration to those of us working on the courage and discipline to accomplish our best selves in the new year!

  2. Congratulations on a job well done. Your story is an inspiration and proof that a long journey begins with a single step (completed when we keep walking).

  3. That’s absolutely wonderful! I need that same tenacity so I can lose some weight. I’m very glad to see a natural weight loss story as opposed to hearing about all these bariatric surgeries gone wrong

  4. Davy de Verteuil on

    way to go.I recently survived a motorcycle accident.Hit by a drunk driver who broke the light.The animal didn’t say sorry did visited me at the hospital although he stood watching the ambulance take me away nor did not contacted my family even after they contacted him at the scene. add insult to injury he recorded a false statement, thank God the good folks that witnessed the accident stood as witnesses.
    Anyway I spent 3 months unable to visit the wash room without help, I was virtually handicap and it was painful.
    Anyway I was fed the most unhealthy diet in spite of my immobility, all the fry foods biscuits and juices sweet juices. in three months I was 14kgs in addition. I saw my stomach bulged stiff. I didn’t wait for a full recovery i went to work I brought myself a exercise bike and in a week I saw a slight difference within the next week I began to walk to the neighbouring university and back, though with a limp and pain in my left knee I was determine that it wasn’t me-by the next or 3rd week I was running between 4-8 km alternately 6days a week and I was enjoying it. Now I’m full time with my tennis and soccer though my injury is still at 70%-80% but the good feel is that I have my mobility enough to sweat it and 71kgs below my norm.

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