Wow: R & B Singer Fantasia Barrino’s “Baby-Daddy” Has Gone Back To His Wife


By: Krystle Crossman

Fantasia Barrino’s ex Antwaun Cook seems to have moved along after his very rocky relationship with Barrino. It has been reported that he is back together with his estranged wife, Paula Cook. Antwaun decided to step out on his marriage with Barrino and even started a family with her. Fantasia said that she had been pregnant more than once while she and Cook were together. Paula Cook tried to bring him back to court and even tried to sue Barrino in 2010. She was suing her under the “alienation of affection” laws that were still in effect in North Carolina at the time. She tried for $100,000 from Barrino because she felt that she was the cause of her husband leaving her and causing her to feel deserted.

Even after all of that Paula never ended up following through with the lawsuit. She didn’t even follow through with the divorce from Antwaun. Barrino and Cook had a son named Dallas but even though they had started a family the relationship did not last.

Fantasia is now single and reportedly happy. Antwaun went back to his wife to try and reconcile with her. A source that is close to Cook said that he wanted to do things the right way for his family, especially after the passing of his father earlier this year. The source also said that the Cook’s spent Thanksgiving together at Paula’s mother’s house. They even took a trip together last month to the Bahamas to celebrate a birthday.

The source said that Antwaun does not really talk to Barrino anymore unless it is about their son, Dallas. Other than that he has no contact and is working hard to repair the damage that he had done.



  1. He works at T-Mobile and his wife is a school teacher in Charlotte, NC. They need both paychecks to survive in this economy. They got kids to raise! lol

  2. Fantasia needs to focus on her life and to forgive herself for her mistakes! All of us have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. Don’t throw stones @ her because some will come back @ You!

  3. I am happy the married couple is back together and hope they work hard to recover. There are marriages that have been through worse. Classy, non-desperate, and women who love themself do not have relationship with a married man. This converse can go in many directions,but I am shooting in the moral direction.

  4. Fantasia she human just like any other woman that deal the same issue but difference is stable enough where she can provide for her child and she most likely have move on because she went though hell with that situation and as far as him he shouldn’t got caught up but that’s men being men but he should went back home but I think him and his wife was out to get her finicially

  5. thats why I was so mad with Fantasia when she was spouting the bible regarding gay marriages. What nerve when she’s sleeping with a married man and raising a baby by the married man. Hypocrite

  6. I knew she had issues but not like this. Why get caught up with a married man? I guess there ain’t enough single men where she live to find a suitable baby.daddy. She just better hope this guy be here for his son and she allow him to. She already got another children being raised without a father. Don’t let the this one be the sane. Get your life together.

  7. “I personally feel some what sorry for the wife of this idiot.
    Trust would be a very serious issue to many People, Not me!,I refuse to put myself in a situation where I play games like all 3 of these people.
    Does any one of these 3 think beyond 15 minutes into the future, SAD!

  8. I don’t feel sorry for fantasia or the idiot she had the baby with. The wife needs to divorce his dumb ass. My ex fiancé cheated and I had no problem calling off the wedding. Cheating is forgivable but I’ll drop your ass in a minute.

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