You Won’t Believe What a Doctor Said About Her Patient While He Was Sedated


By: Krystle Crossman

When you are put under sedation for a procedure at the doctor’s office you probably don’t think much about what is going on around you while you are out. You don’t hear or see anything and do not retain information that is given while you are under. But one man found out just how harsh people can be when you are unconscious and they think no one is listening. His story will make you question what doctors are saying about you when you are under sedation.

The man chose to remain anonymous but used the initials D.B. The Virginia resident went in for a routine colonoscopy where Dr. Tiffany Ingham was the anesthesiologist. While she was giving his instructions for what to do after the colonoscopy he recorded her on his cell phone to make sure that he had all of the information. He forgot to turn the cell phone off while he was having the procedure but it caught a conversation that he never expected a professional to have. While they were trying to put the IV needle in he warned them that it made his queasy to watch the needle. During the procedure Dr. Ingham can be heard speaking about this to her assistant and stating, “Well don’t look at it then, r*tard!” She was also caught saying that she had a long list of annoying patients and that while she was talking to this man pre-op she wanted to punch him in the face to “man him up” a little. She and her assistant continued on making fun of him while he was out, all the while unaware that they were being recorded. Then the anesthesiologist said something that put her in even more hot water.

Medical records are supposed to be true an accurate. Doctors cannot make up a diagnosis or put something down that is not there just because they want to. This is called medical malpractice. This is one of the main reasons that Dr. Ingham’s practice ended up having to fork over $500k to D.B. She stated while he was under that she was going to put down that he had hemorrhoids even though she did not see any and didn’t think that they would find any. This was a glaring mistake on her part and it cost her.

This really makes you stop and think about what is being said about you while you can’t defend yourself and while you cannot hear what they are saying right in front of your faces. Experts say that this kind of stuff happens more often than you would think and that it is very damaging to a patient. When you go to a doctor you are vulnerable and you need to be able to trust the person that is about to put you to sleep. When stories like this come up it makes it harder for that trust to happen.



  1. In my previous career I worked as a surgical technologist and from day one I was surprised and saddened by the conversations between surgeons and anesthesiologist. Many times they would have no regard for the patient or others in the operation room. Glad I’m no longer in the medical field.

  2. E. Jacqueline Irons on

    I’ve been working in the medical field for 30 years and I tell you. Some of these doctors are about the most dumb azzes you ever want to know. Just because they’re medical doctors doesn’t mean that all of them are brilliant. They make so many errors, talk turkey, don’t know what the freak they’re doing half the time. The FBI came in one day and snatched two doctors right off the floor for Medicare Fraud. You’d always see these two doctors together most of the time; partners in crime. You don’t know the half.

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