You Won’t Believe What Actress Kellita Smith Suffers From


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Kellita Smith is best known for her role on The Bernie Mac Show which she landed in 2001. She went on to do other projects from there and her fame grew. She has graced the pages of magazines with gorgeous photos of a slim and fit woman who is incredibly beautiful. Her smile is radiant. You would never know from looking at these photos or watching her on screen that Smith suffered from an eating disorder.

Smith admitted in an interview that she had once suffered from emotional eating. She realized that she was in the public eye and was very hard on herself because of it. She would go on a binge when the stress and her emotions got the best of her. Because of this she gained some weight. When she realized what was happening she decided that she needed to take control of it.

Smith started on a low-carb diet and managed to drop weight. She still craved bread every now and then but managed to keep the cravings at bay by eating a piece of spelt which is a less-refined wheat bread. She still makes her diet realistic because she knows what she can handle and what she can’t. She wanted to make sure that she lead a healthy lifestyle but not so strict that she would end up having a binge on a bad day.

She gave up some of her favorite things such as pancakes and French fries but refuses to give up one thing. Every now and then she likes to enjoy a piece of white cake with buttercream frosting. She maintains her weight with activities such as tae-kwon-do and Pilates. She said that when she was unemployed for a time the martial arts helped her to keep her sanity.


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