Your Man’s 0rgasm: 6 Things You Didn’t Know


bedWe hear a lot of discussion about women’s  0rgasms because for some women, they are this elusive desire that they never seem to be able to get and when they do, it may be a while before they get it again. From a woman’s perspective, it seems as though men have it much easier than women when it comes to getting to the big “O”.

Well, women who enjoy their intimacy life the most are women who have a desire to learn about their body and their man’s body. A little (or a lot of) curiosity goes a long way. The following are six things that you may not have known about your man’s 0rgasm:

1. In most cases, they’ll outlast yours.
On average, men experience about 22 seconds of mind-numbing bliss, which is four seconds longer than the typical female 0rgasm. Again, those are averages: Each 0rgasm is different, and some can involve bonus thrills, while others seem to be over in a New York minute (i.e. less than 18 to 22 seconds). Regularly practicing Kegel exercises can buy both genders a few extra seconds of pleasure, says Kristen Mark, PhD, a sex and relationships researcher and assistant professor at the University of Kentucky.

2. They lead to sperm traveling a mile in about the same amount of time as a woman speed walking.
When sperm are first [email protected], they can reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour (this is difficult to measure, says Mark, but that’s the most commonly-cited top speed). That’s about as fast as Usain Bolt can run. Once they crowd into the [email protected], they slow down to about 4 miles per hour—about as fast as you might walk when you’re late to an important appointment. It can take them from 30 minutes to three days to make it all the way to the waiting egg.

3. They won’t sabotage his performance in tomorrow’s big game.
Athletes and their coaches long believed that getting frisky the night before an event was a bad idea (and they were skittish about testing the hypothesis). The idea was that s*x would sap their energy, and for men, that the testosterone expelled during [email protected] could rob them of their mojo. Good news for athletes (and their partners): There’s no good scientific evidence that either of these beliefs is true, according to a review of the literature published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine. One study involved a strength test the morning after s*x and also after six days of abstinence—and found no significant difference in the participants’ performance.

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